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    It has been 16 years since we launched Golfdotz at PGA Show 2008. We believed back then we not only had the best way to mark a golf ball, but the absolute best looking way to identify a golf ball, period.  Of course at launch no one else knew that.. but fast forward to the present day. We have thousands of happy customers all over the world who love our golfdotz, and love the fact that they are made in America by our small family business.

    So even though this page here has been superseded by our visual reviews page, we still wanted to leave some of these wonderful comments here. Thanks so much for anyone taking time to leave a review and for those spreading the word. Golf ball personalization is something we take really seriously at Golfdotz & we are so happy the effort is paying off! Now go hit some balls! 


    Here are some customers that were tired of inferior methods of golf ball marking, ( golf ball stamps, golf ball stencils, marker pens... yup we agree those old methods are well you know the deal)

    Please see also our Review page as all these are unsolicited. Please feel free to e mail us or leave a review via the review page. I read every one of them!

    David Poole. Founder. 


    David, wow love this product, did my first ones yesterday and the ball I played with all day looked great after my roundEmoji As a long time golfer who likes to add a little style to his game, my buddies always tease me that they pack clothes for our annual golf trip to Myrtle, where as I pack outfits, these are a perfect compliment to my game. The ease of which this product applies is also going to keep me coming back for moreEmojiEmoji
    Thanks so much for this great product,
    Jim Haynes
    Met you at the golf show in Novi Michigan this year and brought some friends by the booth to purchase some golfdotz.  I get more comments on these with golfers than anything in my bag.  Been purchasing these from you for over 5 years and will continue to do so.  Love Golfdotz and supporting a family business makes it even better!
    Keep doing a great job and the business will grow.
    Thanks again!
    Brian S.
    Novi MI - 

    My daughter and I love Golfdotz. I am actually a HS golf coach and I have almost all my players using Golfdotz. We love it!!

    All the Best,
    Chris T
    Teacher/Head Golf Coach
    USGTF Certified Golf Instructor - 

    I’ve been using Golf Dotz since I discovered them a few years back.  Absolutely love them; I think they’re awesome and look super on my ball. Definitely better than any sharpie marks I’ve made.

    Thanks for a great product!  I tell everyone I know about them! 😊Ali McKee - 

    I didn't realize you were a newer company!  I think I've been one of your early supporters, then.  I first saw the shamrocks in Roger Dunn and bought them for my husband, and we've both been using Golfdotz ever since.  I spread the word, too, because I think they're awesome.  I'm always surprised when people don't know about them!

    Congratulations on 10 years 👏
    ~Christine . 

    Wow, thank you for great product!  Doesn't do a thing for scoring, but they do add a little fun to the game.  Our first purchase was for my Daughter (The Duck has been here favorite) and she's used them through all of High School, including post season play and a conference championship.  As well as in Wisconsin Jr. PGA events (2 wins). And now, three years of college play & three 1st Team All-Conference selections.  

    This will be, I beleive, our 8th purchase between the golf shows and ordering. We've purchased 10 packs this year, with 5 being for friends.
    Continued success with a great product!
    Keith Wise - 

    I was so glad to hear Golfdotz was a family owned company.  I've used your Dotz for a few years, if anyone finds a ball with a Neon Owl on it they know it belongs to me.
    I thought this year I would go with the Patriot Star, can't go wrong golfing with America.
    Continued success.
    Kay Neumann - 

    Love the silly golfdotz; they always make me smile.  I don't lose golf balls (down the middle; not very far) so my golfdotz last a long time and get pretty beat up.  Looking forward to my new ones!
    Jean B 
    So those are just a few. Check out the golfdotz review page and find out why Golfdotz will mark your golf ball in style!