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    Exactly What are Golfdotz?

    Golfdotz are a new generation transfer that bond with the skin of the ball when firm pressure from your thumb is applied. In 5 seconds or less your design will transfer from the clear sheet to the ball and you are ready to play!  Compared to a marker pen, or stencils and stamps, golfdotz look stunning on the ball.  Vibrant non fading color, that will not wash off, will not mark your club face, and is super durable. 
    Designed and tested by golf enthusiasts tired of the same old methods, Golfdotz is a unique product for Tour players and casual golfers alike. Just please..don't call them stickers! 

    Will they affect the flight or roll of the ball?

    Absolutely not. Golfdotz have been tested thoroughly and conform to the R&A and USGA rules of golf. Remember they are not a sticker that would sit on top of the ball. Golfdotz are transferable ink, and become one with the ball. (Very Zen) 

    How do I apply them?

    To Apply, make sure ball is clean and dry. Cut out design and peel off backing sheet. Press design firmly onto ball for 3 to 5 seconds working into the dimples until it releases from sheet (Yes, it's that simple!). Smooth firmly over design again with top sheet if desired. *Use two hands to apply golfdotz. 

    How durable are they?

    Golfdotz are extremely durable if applied correctly as above and used in temps above 55 degrees. Of course, like anything applied to a ball, they may wear or cut. The whole point is that you will know your ball, others will not play your ball.  If your skullmania  is missing a leg in battle so be it. Many of our customers have reported being able to play multiple rounds with the same dot! 

    Cold  weather. IMPORTANT!

    Cold weather will affect performance.  This is simply because our special ink will lose its elasticity.  Cold and wet under 55 degrees? Save your dotz.  In normal temps over 55 degrees (10 degree C) prepare to lose your ball before your golfdotz :) Hint- Always apply well in advance of play. Feel free to burnish hard over the top clear sheet to get a strong adhesion. 
    *If you are using golfdotz on your clubs no problem in any temperature. Have fun. 

    Do they work on Matte finish balls?

    Golfdotz work on 99.9% of all golf balls if applied correctly as above and used in temps above 55 degrees. On Matte finish balls Volvic, Wilson, Bridgestone, are compatible. We have had reports regarding Callaway Matte and Titleist Velocity Matte that Golfdotz will not adhere as well. Try the same dotz on a regular and the Matte ball you are using and always let us know if you have any questions. *Also we have some reports that some batches or varieties (but not all) of Callaway Chrome Soft may not allow proper adhesion. (Thanks Callaway 🧐) As some customers swear by Chrome soft please try on various as per instructions below. 

    Shipping & Handling Update. *Note for people in a rush..Please allow more time to avoid disappointment. 

    Please remember that local USPS should always be contacted first in case of slow delivery. We can not guarantee (neither do USPS) your shipping time if delayed.

    *UPDATE JUNE 2020 - Many Domestic US  SHIPMENTS are taking a few days longer in US.  And up to 3 weeks later overseas in rare cases) Please check your tracking # Even Priority mail is now 3 to 4 business days so please understand this is not in our control (see USPS for more)

    All orders ship same or next business day where possible.  

    USA  - Flat Rate USPS $3.99 

    Delivery Express service is an available option at checkout.  Express delivery time is 1 to 3 days depending on location. (See above for update on this) 


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    Allow 7 to 16 days.  Expedited delivery time is 4 to 12 days depending on location.

    EUROPE - Flat Rate $16.99

    Allow 2 to 3 weeks.  

    Thank the USPS for increasing our shipping costs more than double since 2016. It is not our goal to make money on shipping.  How about $14.00 for one bubble mailer? Ouch that' crazy which is why it is better to amortize. 


    REST OF WORLD - Flat Rate $18.99