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Accuracy Focus Putting Alignment Aid

Accuracy Focus Putting Alignment Aid
  • Accuracyfocus
  • Accuracy_focus
Dotz per Pack 22
Sheets 2

Our founder David Poole wanted to see if we could go a step further with our putting alignment arrows, after using them and seeing improvement in his own putting game. After talking with friend David Mckenzie from Golf State of Mind we are excited to release our new Focus alignment arrows.

Working with David on ideas that combine our golfdotz technology with simple mental reminders. Our Focus arrows are the first example of a new series of golfdotz that focus (no pun intended!) on the performance side of the game.

Check out David at his Golf State of Mind Website and blog. Maybe he can help you with your game?

David MacKenzie is a Performance Coach and the founder of Golf State of Mind.

Throughout David’s playing career, he learned quickly how attitude, self-belief and mental toughness affect performance in golf. He knew that was the difference between his average and great rounds. But the question was how did one improve these valuable skills and feel more confident more often?

While studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, David began in depth research into sport psychology and how elite performers apply their minds to practice and play. He interviewed hundreds of elite golfers and sport psychologists. He shared what he discovered via his website, Golf State of Mind and it quickly resonated with golfers of all levels.

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